Themes for Crocheting Country (Continue 2nd)

If there are any raw edges showing or even not the rug will usually stop threading after the 3rd wash.  These rugs are made with cloth instead of yarn there for the size of the crochet needle is large, a P or Q, the largest needles for crocheting.  Afghans are made many different ways, with the granny square still being the most popular way to make a crocheted afghan.  These are not always squares, but can be rounds, stars, and long strips.  After many of these are made, they are all crocheted together for the finished product.

Themes for Crocheting Country (Continue 3rd)


There are beautiful country designs with continuous yarn, some with design stitched by changing yarn as the afghan is being crocheted or the design is stitched in after the main afghan is completed.   There are all kinds of finishes to the ends and edges of the afghan.  There is fringe consisting of long pieces of yarn.  Or a lace looks consisting of a certain stitch that is crocheted around the entire afghan a few times. 

Many Family Methods and Country Crafting

Country crafts let us be creative and offer an enjoyable activity for anyone who likes craft projects.  The word “country” denotes a place where there is “room to roam,” a feeling of expanse that goes for miles.  In America, this theme means a place where the family works together, whether on a cattle ranch or a farm. Crafts associated with country and family naturally come together in these activities with thoughts of gingham checks in red and white.  Roosters, cows, and barnyard animals are all subjects of “country” crafts.    

Many Family Methods and Country Crafting (Continue 2nd)


Wherever the family gathers for meals is the perfect place to enjoy country crafts and to take personal pride in our creativity in the home.  Table decorations are a wonderful place to create a country feeling.  Sewing projects can include every part of the home.  Kitchen curtains and matching tablecloths are an easy and fun way to start.  Quilting pillows for the living room and bedrooms are great projects to show country themes.  Needlework can be fashioned into pictures for the walls and other decorations for any room in the home. 

Many Family Methods and Country Crafting (Continue 3rd)

As the family gathers around for mealtime, the themes used are as easy as the flora and fauna of the local area.  Many prints can be found at craft stores with fruits and vegetables, scenery of the country, and colors of the season.  The beauty of the country comes out in the creativity of the decorations that family can enjoy.

Country Crafts and Family Style

Family themed country crafts make lasting memories for a very long time are made with pride. Making country crafts a part of family tradition can bring much happiness and joy   to every member of the family.  They are often passed down and handmade as family heirlooms.   Country crafts are one-of-a- kind pieces of art and can’t be found in stores.   Because they are hand-made it is easy to include a family theme into the craft.  They    are unique and hand crafted making them all the more special family keepsake. 

Country Crafts and Family Style (Continue 2nd)

When a product is mass-produced they all look exactly alike thereby, making hard to have a family heirloom that is exclusively your own. Most often that heirloom there will be family themed country craft.  Whether it is a Christmas ornament, or a keepsake box it will have a family theme and country crafts help it make it more memorable.  America loves holidays and family traditions.  In almost every home in America, a family heirloom can be found. Country crafts play a significant role in family traditions because they can be handed down from one generation to the next. 

Country Crafts and Family Style (Continue 3rd)

These crafts then become and treasured memories and family heirlooms.  Country crafts are an excellent way to carry on family traditions.  Family themes are an innermost part of American family life.  When it comes to passing on tradition in America, country crafts are steeped in family tradition.  Whether it is with the food they eat or the crafts they make with the food they eat, tradition plays a vital part in the overall idea of families.